As mentioned in the 'Home' page, I am willing to take on commission work from high quality JPEG images. Price will depend on medium and size of picture. Just e-mail for details.


Drawn for one of my wife's friend's.

 Autumn In The Park 

Copied from a 6x4" photo of Sheffield Park Gardens, England.


              My wifes second cousin, commission

 Eilean Donan Castle (Scotland) 

Watercolour techniqe used with  acrylics. Painted from an old 6x4 picture.


       Acrylic painting, 50x50 cm. Commission.

        Gene Simmons  - from Kiss

          Acrylic painting 9x9 cm.

Peter Criss - The Catman

Acrylic painting 9x9 cm 

 Paul Stanley - The Starchild

 Acrylic painting 9x9 cm

 Ace Frehley  - The Spaceman

Acrylic painting 9x9 cm

 Chloe & Daniel

Pencil portrait of my niece and nephew drawn specially for my sister-in-laws 40th Birthday.

   Marilyn Monroe

11x14 inch pencil portrait.


Commissioned pencil portrait of Honey, a long haired golden retriever.


Commissioned pencil portrait of Honey, a sh0rt haired golden retriever.



Commissioned piece of my wife's cousin's dog. Ziggy, which is named after David Bowie's alter ego Ziggy Stardust,




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