Welcome to my website.

I am an amateur self taught artist who has had an interest in art all my life. Even at a early age I would sit down and copy pictures from comics and magazines. I started painting in the late nineties in my spare time, perhaps just doing a couple of paintings a year to begin with. Michael Turner was a great influence on my early Formula One pictures, and Jason Morgan for my 'Big Cat' pictures.

In my website you will find a collection of various subject's which I have done. At present all my paintings are in acrylic, as I find this media suits me as an amateur artist. I have recently started doing pencil portraits using graphite pencils which I enjoy very much.

I am prepared to take on commission work, preferably using high quality images on JPEG files. Just e-mail me the image and we can discuss your requirements. All my artworks are one off's, so there are no prints available to purchase at present. Please have a look round, and if you have any questions regarding items for sale or commission work, then please contact me.

Unfortunately the pictures can not be viewed any larger on this site, but you can see them larger on my Flickr artwork page, http://www.flickr.com/photos/38275315@N08/sets/72157622389828127/

Thanks for visiting.


Phone: 01293 546814

Email: martinshicks@aol.com

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